Visibility in Tuckerman Ravine

January 25, 2021 at 12:00 PM
Name: Chris Wu| MWAC
Location: Floor of Tuckerman Ravine

We peeked into the ravine to get a sense of how this weekend’s wind and weather affected steep terrain. Styrofoam snow was generally firm underfoot with a few centimeters of boot penetration. A couple quick stability tests at the floor of the ravine returned negative results in consistent pencil hard snow.

An obvious crown line was visible in Center Bowl, though this is in the same location as one that was observed a week ago. It is hard to say definitively if we were looking at the same crown that hadn’t filled in, or if another slide occurred in the same place. Looker’s left side of the crown seems consistent with last week’s observations, but looker’s right seems to follow a different line. A crown was also visible high in Chute. Debris was largely covered.

In the trees around Hermit Lake, snow was much less compacted. Travel by foot involved breaking through a wind crust and subsequently wallowing in waist deep snow.