Gulf Of Slides Conditions

January 25, 2021 at 11:00 AM
Name: Ryan DeLena
Location: Main Gully, Gulf Of Slides

We toured up GOS trail which was low tide and destroyed from wind and skier traffic. Downed trees and spruce needles everywhere served as evidence as to just how much wind battered the area. Gullies #2 and #3 had new wind slabs visible in the gullies, with active wind loading occurring on the ridge. Main Gully was scoured in the upper start zone with a clear line where the new windslab was. We toured into Main Gully, where we found a hard slab in the lower gully which showed little ski or boot penetration. On the sides of the gully and in the trees, snow was soft and almost waist deep in spots, showing cracking in sheltered areas. I did a mini pit in the gut of the gully which showed what we were expecting, stubborn 1f to pencil hard slab. It took some force with my hand to pull it forward. Above the ice bulge, the snow began to change character, with boot penetration through the new slab to the 1/16 ice crust. Another hand pit showed the 4f hard slab slid with little effort off the softer, fist hard snow underneath with much more planar results. We were surprised to see the slabs getting softer that high in the terrain. We decided it was best to turn around and ski from the ice bulge. Ultimately it seems like Gulf Of Slides didn’t get as hammered by the wind as the ravines did.