Observations below Duchess

January 20, 2021 at 11:00 AM
Name: Zach McCarthy
Location: Below Duchess at 4000′

Andy Gange, Stuart Johnson, and I headed up to the base of Hillmans, we cut over to below Duchess and made our observations. It was snowing s1/s2 and winds picked up substantially once above the tree line. There was about 25cm of fresh light density snow (fist hard) sitting on top of a stiffer (finger/pencil hard) 5cm ice crust most likely developed on 1/16/21 (Saturday evening). We performed a CT and ECT with the following results.

CT20 Q1 – 35 cm ↓
CT25 Q1 – 50cm ↓
ECTN 22 – 35cm ↓

Slope angle 29º
NE Aspect
Elevation 4000’

Pit profile
0-25cm light fluffy snow (Fist)
25-30cm ice crust (1F/Pencil)
35cm storm density change
35-55cm slab (1F)
55cm 2mm facets (Fist)

Total height 80cm