Lower Huntington – Red Flags

January 18, 2021 at 1:00 PM
Name: Nick Aiello-Popeo| Synnott Mountain Guides
Location: Base of Huntington Ravine, 4,100′

Winter’s welcome return brought fun skiing and interesting red flags on the Huntington Ravine fire road. Our avalanche course experienced cracking, wumphing, and lots of blowing snow near the Dow cache. In a snow pit at 4,100′, compression tests resulted in sudden planar fractures in a layer of facets down 40 to 80cm (CTE). An extended column test revealed propagation of fractures in this same layer, with taps from the elbow (ECTP 11).

The snow pit was great for learning, but definitely pedantic after seeing such clear red flags. The fire road skied great, while the ravine itself is boney.