Huntington Ravine Hasty Pit

January 5, 2021 at 2:00 PM
Name: Stuart Johnson| East Coast Avalanche Education Center
Location: Huntington Ravine below Pinnacle Buttress

We skinned up to the base of Huntington ravine. There was about 45cm of soft snow on the trail below the ravine. We left our skis and hiked up through the boulder field towards the bottom of Pinnacle Gully. All the major ice climbs (at least those I am familiar with) looked to be in good shape.
In the ravine, the snow was blown into isolated deeper pockets. Between these pockets, there was a thin skim of snow on rocks and bushes. The pockets of snow were 1-1.5 meters deep with stiff windslab that we would intermittently punch through when walking.
Central gully could be skiable below the bulge. We skinned back down the trail to Harvard Cabin, ascended to Hermit lake then skied out the Sherbie. Coverage on the sherbie was decent in spots, but the back side of most roll overs harbored a veritable mine field of rocks. Still very much low tide.

1/4/21 14:30 4350′ 140ºSE, ~30º slope, Broken Skies, Light-Moderate NW winds, S1 light snow.
Snow Pit:
ECTN 17 40cm from top
SS moderate, planar 40cm from top

HS 145-170cm (SNOW DRIFT)
Top 2cm: F stellars
115-140cm: 1F faceting rounds
110-115cm: 4F faceting rounds
90-110cm: 1F Grapel, small rounds, fragments
85-90cm: 4F small facets
70-85cm: K/I xmas rain crust “Merry Crustmas”
65-70cm: 4F small facets w/ preserved graupel
50-65cm: 1F small facets
Grnd-50cm: 4F small facets