Spatial variability, Left Gully

January 3, 2021 at 1:00 PM
Name: Blake Keogh| Synnott Mountain Guides
Location: Left Gully

On day two (1/3/21) of an AIARE L1 course our group practiced hand hardness observations, compression tests, and extended column tests in the terrain between left gully and chute (aspect: E / elevation: 4,610ft / slope angle: 27deg). We found generally weak over strong (F to 4F) snow down to the recent rain crust (45cm). While we observed fractures within the new snow (CTM(12) down 28cm), our ECTs (and one PST) did not propagate. Interestingly, the group working in the lowest angle terrain discovered graupel in their pit. This grain type was also found further up in left gully. As mentioned in the updated advisory (1/4/21), there are small pockets of reactive soft slabs on specific terrain features in left gully.