Huntington Ravine 12/26

December 26, 2020 at 2:00 PM
Name: Chris Wu| MWAC
Location: Huntington Ravine

At 2:30 pm at the floor of Huntington Ravine, air temperature was -9°C (16°F). The shelter of the ravine made for light and variable wind, with light snowfall.

Expect mixed conditions on hiking trails and approaching gullies. Consecutive steps may yield bare ground, open water, refrozen water, boot top penetration, or supportive snow – and everything in between.

Snow coverage in the ravine took a significant hit due to recent rain and air temperatures, so stability concerns in Huntington are largely limited to the snow in the gullies. However, lower stability concerns do not diminish other mountain hazards. Balancing traction and trip hazards is a delicate act, and be wary of snow collapsing underfoot when passing over bottomless chasms in the Fan. As always, don’t lose sight of the consequences of any incident in the mountains, such as a rolled ankle or tweaked knee.

The entire Sherburne trail is best described as dust on dirt. Maybe next year…

Attached photos:
-Pinnacle and Central Gullies
-Northern Gullies
-Approach through the Fan
-Sherburne trail at crossover #7