Tuckermans Headwall

December 23, 2020 at 2:00 PM
Name: Ryan Lewthwaite| MWAC
Location: Tuckermans Ravine Headwall

On a walk into Tuckermans Ravine I observed light winds from the southeast with an air temperature of 25F degrees. At the current time there was no actively blowing snow and no new avalanches. Earlier in the day a small amount of new snow had been redistributed by moderate winds creating pockets of drifted snow lower on the Headwall. These slabs of wind drifted snow were highly variable in thickness but were primarily soft and unreactive. In places where these drifts taper towards thin snowpack areas, closer to rocks and vegetation, is where you could potentially have better luck dislodging a cohesive slab. Many recreationists were avoiding steeper terrain where overhead hazards may push you into higher consequence locations. Numerous superficial hand shears were indicative of wind firmed surface snow.