West Side

December 12, 2020 at 1:00 PM
Name: Mark Renson| Acadia Mountain Guides
Location: Cog Railway

Acadia Mountain Guides AIARE 1 class.

11:15am at 3650′ along Cog Railway. Winds L from S. Cloudy. TAir: +1c, TSurf: -1c, T10: -2c. HS: 15cm with drifts to 35cm. Snow became noticeably drier at 3400′

12:30pm at 4250′ along Cog Railway. Winds L-M from S. TAir +1.5c, TSurf: -1c, T10: -5c, T20 -5. MF crust on top. No layers below – just a gradual increase in hardness from 4F on top to 1F to P. .5mm facets found near bottom. No CT or ECT results. Ski descent had some rocks and bare spots but was fun and manageable.