December 18, 2020 at 11:00 AM
Name: Nathan Delmar| MWAC
Location: Tuckerman and Huntington Ravine

At around 11am temperatures at Hermit Lake and the Harvard Cabin were around 14 degrees. Winds were calm in both locations, however, the wind has effected the recent snowfall. Sastrugi was visible from Hermit Lake and wind slabs were observed in Left Gully. Yesterday a climber was swept off their feet and slid some 100 feet after triggering a small avalanche on the approach to Pinnacle. The climber and their partner were fortunately both okay. Even though MWAC is not currently producing a five scale forecast, the event from yesterday serves as a reminder that avalanches and conditions that could produce avalanches currently exists throughout the forecast zone. As a reminder, for those looking to recreate in avalanche terrain a beacon, shovel, probe, and ability to properly use all three are required for safe recreation.

No new avalanches were observed in Tuckerman Ravine or Huntington Ravine today.

The Tuckerman Ravine Trail and the Sherburne Trail remain particularly rocky and icy following the 6 inches of new snow fell yesterday.