Weekend update, Corn field edition

Weather. Again looks like a giant mixed bag of winter and spring precipitation for tonight and into Saturday. A few inches of snow, freezing rain and sleet with a low in the 20’s will make for a delightful evening. Saturday morning will bring more snow, sleet and rain with increasing winds but showing signs of clearing as the day wears on, winds will be on the increase, reaching to the 50 mph mark. Winds will continue to increase through the overnight working its way up and over 80 mph, bringing clearing with it later in the day. As usual there’s a lot more detailed information on the internet, so dig around at NWS site and The Observatory’s site for the latest weather forecasts.

Our substantial eastside snow pack is the sixth best since 1968, for snow totals. Left Gully is as wide as I’ve seen it for quite some time, as well as Chute (or some call it hourglass). The Lip is starting to show some wear and tear due to the latest warming trend, even a few sluff runnels starting to show. Right Gully and Lobster Claw have seen a lot of solar gain and traffic over the past week. As the temperature and the sun climb the southern aspects are moving quickly from winter wonderlands to sloppy piles of surplus feed corn. The Sluice ice has passed it prime and is starting its inexorable metamorphosis into teetering blocks of frozen water awaiting their downhill migration. So as we continue into the spring keep your eyes open for hazards above.

If you’ve been staring out the office window all week anxiously awaiting Saturday morning to come harvest the rows of buttery corn on our slopes you might want to keep the combine parked in the barn. If you are pulling out the combine and heading uphill make sure to check the advisory in the morning for more details.

Chris, Jeff, Frank and Joe