Hit by Skier

The victim was climbing up on the Center Headwall to ski when a skier above fell and hit him. He suffered a laceration to his left forearm. He was assisted by members of the Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol who bandaged the arm and advised him to seek further medical attention for stitches. He was able to walk out of the ravine on his own. This accident took 3 people 30 minutes.

Long Sliding Fall – Right Gully

The victim was climbing up Right Gully to ski when she fell. Due to the hard snow conditions she went into a high speed uncontrolled slide into the rocks at the bottom of the gully. She suffered contusions on her right arm, hip and knee. Her helmet was dented from the impact. Her arm was put in a sling and she was able to walk out of the ravine to Pinkham. This rescue took 2 people 3 hours.

Ski Injury Right Gully

Forest Service Snow Rangers were contacted by the NH State Police, who had received a call from Maine 911. Maine had received a 911 cell phone call reporting a person injured in Tuckerman Ravine. The victim was skiing Right Gully when he fell and slid into Lunch Rocks. He suffered soft tissue injury to his lower back and buttocks. He was able to walk out of the Ravine. The Snow Rangers met him on the trail and assessed his condition. He was able to walk out with volunteers carrying his equipment. This incident took the Snow Rangers 1 hour.