Long Sliding Fall

After receiving a report of an overdue hiker and finding the hiker’s car at the Pinkham parking lot, Forest Service Snow Rangers initiated a search with the help of NH Fish and Game, AMC, MRS and AVSAR. After searching numerous areas, the individual was located on the floor of Huntington Ravine. The hiker ascended the Lion Head Winter Route to the Summit of Mt. Washington on January 27, 2004 with the intent to descend through the Ravine. The attempted descent through the Ravine resulted in a fatal fall. He was well equiped for winter weather in the mountains with appropriate clothing, food and water. He was using crampons and ski poles but did not have an ice axe.

Hiker – Shortness of Breath

Forest Service Snow Rangers were contacted to assist a hiker who was experiencing shortness of breath, cramping in his legs and heart palpatations. Snow Rangers met him and his party on the trail and transported him via snowcat to an ambulance waiting at Pinkham Notch. This rescue took 2 people 3 hours.

Snowboard Injury

The victim was hiking out of the Tuckerman Bowl at approximately 2:15pm carrying his snowboard. About half way down the trail to Hermit Lake he slipped on some ice, tumbled two or three times and fell along his snowboard. The edge of the board cut through his clothing and put an eight inch long laceration on his outer right thigh. The board cut through muscle and hit his femur. Forest Service Snow Rangers were contacted and responded to the scene. The bleeding was controlled and the victim was put in a litter and taken to Hermit Lake. From there he was transported by snowcat to an ambulance waiting at Pinkham Notch. At the hospital the victim received hundreds of stitches and will require physical therapy to recover. This accident took 6 people two hours to complete.