Skier Fall in Chute

The victim was skiing the Chute when he fell approximately 200′ and suffered a knee injury. He was attended to by an EMT in the ravine and assisted to Hermit Lake. His knee was re-splinted by a USFS Snow Ranger allowing him to self evacuate to Pinkham.

Skier fall in Chute

The victim was skiing the Chute in the late afternoon when he fell, tumbling about 400′. He suffered multiple bruises and abrasions to his face and arms. He was assisted by his friends to Hermit Lake where he was attended to by the Caretaker. The victim was assisted out to Pinkham by his two friends.

Abdominal Pain

The patient had hiked to the Ravine with his family to ski. During the course of the day he started having significant abdominal pain. The patient was put in a litter and carried out to Pinkham where he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. This rescue took apprximately 15 people 2.5 hours to complete.