Early Season Hazards, Saturday, November 9, 2019

If you are venturing into the high country be prepared for winter weather and challenging trail conditions as new snow hides loose rock, patches of ice and barely covered vegetation all intent on spraining a knee or ankle. Many a skier has suffered a season ending injury when a submerged rock or root grabs your ski or snowboard. A fall into shallow snow where rocks lurk beneath the surface can more than ruin your day.  As snowfields begin to grow with incoming snow and wind, remember that even small avalanches can hurt, bury or kill you, particularly if you get pushed into a terrain trap or off a cliff. Don’t forget to submit observations through our observation form. It’s a great place to share info with public and the forecast team. Photos, a brief video and a quick description of what you observed go a long way to paint a clear picture of what’s going on in the backcountry.

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9th Annual Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop, Oct. 19, 2019

The 9th Annual Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop is coming up soon! As usual, the amazing group of volunteers is putting together another great program with awesome raffles, prizes and giveaways from generous sponsors like Patagonia, the American Avalanche Association, Sterling, Mammut, BCA, Ortovox,  and many others. Go to esaw.org to get your tickets. ESAW 2019 Preliminary Schedule […]

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