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Avalanche Advisory for Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Both avalanche types are developing on top of a hard, icy crust that will be not only a slippery bed surface but will also create slide-for-life conditions. Due to the light snowfall today, the size and distribution of these avalanche types will grow through the day and depend on receiving the forecast amount of snow. The most imminent threat that will remain constant throughout the day is the icy crust and the potential for a long sliding fall into rocks, stout bushes and holes melted into the snowpack.

Huntington and Tuckerman Ravine Advisory Map

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The costs of rescue

In 1978, a prolonged search for two missing climbers led to disaster. One of the rescuers involved recently told his story to an audience in Portsmouth on the radio show, “The Moth”. Great advancements in snow and avalanche science as well as avalanche rescue gear have been made since that tragic day, but mountain rescuers […]